The Importance of Continuing Education

by televoxweb on Thursday, February 25, 2016 12:45 AM

The tools and techniques of orthodontics are remarkably complicated, and they make permanent changes in the alignment of the teeth, the jaws, and even the entire facial structure, so it's little wonder that orthodontists go through years of specialized schooling in addition to dental school. But while many people are familiar with the rigors of an orthodontic education, few understand that that education doesn't end after graduation - and that's why continuing education is so important. At Arthur Orthodontics, Dr. Arthur and Dr. Ortiz make continuing education programs a high priority.

More Knowledge for Better Treatment

Simply put, orthodontics is a science - and like all sciences, it changes as new information comes to light through research. This makes it critical for all practicing orthodontists to regularly continue their education to stay abreast of the latest developments in research. But in addition to theory, the techniques, tools, and technologies of orthodontics change even faster than the theories behind them. That means that even within a few short years, new technologies can emerge that leave old treatments outmoded and obsolete. Only by attending knew seminars and taking new classes can orthodontists learn about and put into practice these cutting edge new treatments.

Recently, Drs. Arthur and Ortiz attended the 2016 Damon System Forum, giving them the opportunity to engage with world-renowned experts, connect with their peers, and learn more about using the Damon System effectively in treatment. This is just one example of the many educational programs and initiatives they participate in, and they use this knowledge to help you achieve a beautiful smile - faster, safer, and more conveniently.

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