Damon Braces

If you are seeking high quality orthodontic care in Glendale or Desert Ridge, AZ then Arthur Orthodontics is the practice for you. Dr. Chad Arthur and his team work diligently to give their patients the most technologically advanced treatment options possible, which is why they are proud to offer exceptionally comfortable and efficient Damon Braces. The Damon system makes it even easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Damon Smile Brackets?

The Damon System uses the most innovative orthodontic technology to produce Damon Smile brackets, tie-less braces that do not require tightening. These brackets are both gentle on the teeth, and able to quickly move teeth with even less discomfort. Damon Braces are clinically proven to produce amazing results.

Fewer Appointments

Because the Damon System is so precise and effective, you get even better orthodontic results in less time. Thanks to their advanced technology, there is no need for long and complicated procedures. Your teeth will move faster with fewer adjustments, so you’re spending less time in the office in braces.

Perfect For All Ages

Arthur Orthodontics knows that healthy smiles are important no matter your age, which is why we are proud to offer Damon Braces to patients of all ages. Beginning early orthodontic treatment can dramatically reduce treatment time later on by correcting problems before they become permanent. However, Dr. Arthur is also an expert at providing adult treatment, offering many options for older patients looking to discreetly straighten their smiles.

Damon® 3MX Braces

All-metal Damon 3MX braces are part of the clinically proven Damon System, and feature a body of beautifully sculpted steel that improves efficiency and results. By not using elastic or steel ties, the technology creates less friction and translates to greater comfort for the patient. Learn more about Damon® Braces on the Damon® System Website.

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Dr. Chad Arthur and his teams in Glendale and Desert Ridge, Arizona are proud to specialize in Damon Braces. If you think The Damon System might be the right choice for you, please contact us to schedule an appointment! Arthur Orthodontics wants to make sure all of our patients have a smile they can feel good about, and Damon Braces are guaranteed to give you just that. We look forward to seeing you on your first visit!