Parts of Braces

Orthodontic Treatment in Desert Ridge, AZ

At Arthur Orthodontics, we strive to provide high quality orthodontic care in a warm, welcoming office environment. Our doctor and highly trained team of orthodontic specialists have years of experience treating patients in Desert Ridge, Glendale, and the surrounding areas, and we work hard to design specialized treatment plans that perfectly suit each patient's unique orthodontic needs. In the years we've been treating patients, we've gotten a lot of questions - but one of the most common is as to what all the parts of braces do. After all, what do all those tiny metal constructions actually do to move teeth? It turns out that each individual part has its own specialized function - and working in concert, they gradually move your teeth and give you a beautiful, healthy new smile.


These are the small, square-shaped metal parts on the front of your teeth. They're cemented to each tooth individually and help the archwire apply a gentle, precise force on teeth.


These act as anchors for braces, and they fit over the rear molars. We select a band size to closely match your tooth, then fix it in place with special dental cement.


This thin, springy metal wire does most of the heavy lifting of moving teeth. It runs through the brackets and applies a gentle, precisely calibrated force to move teeth over time.


These are the small, circular elastic bands that fit over brackets and secure the archwire in place. We can even customize them to be different colors, allowing you to match your braces to your own sense of style.


These small extensions on brackets are used to attach rubber bands to braces and change jaw alignment, helping to correct malocclusions like crossbite, underbite, and overbite.

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